Darling Sister,

I loved this David Sedaris piece in the New Yorker about going Fitbit crazy – it reminds me of us!

I’ve convinced almost all of my office-mates into getting Fitbits and joining our workweek challenges. Lesson learned: don’t invite professional yoga instructors and marathon runners to your challenges unless you are ready to take it up a notch!


I personally have the FLEX, which is simple and works for me. The band has little LED dots to represent how far you’ve walked that day, and the dancing – vibrating – light party when you reach your step goal is pretty addictive. There are many options to choose from, some models include caller id and music control with a LED face.

If you want a band that goes with your work wardrobe, a company called FUNKtionalWearables based in San Diego sells some creative alternatives on etsy.


Fitness is more fun with a little competition, a little motivation, and someone else doing the math!

It’s been raining out: how far have you walked today?


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