My Darling Sister,

I attempted a Pinterest craft…and succeeded! For a moment I lost faith, and thought this was going to a Pinterest fail. My motivation was to make cupcakes with gold nuggets for a gold panning theme.


I purchased black Wilton cupcake papers from Michaels. I like how ripply the edges are. Purchased two cans of Wilton edible gold spray, and blue rock candy from the checkout line. I would have purchased clear if they had it, but the choices were red, purple and blue.

lined box

I lined a vans shoe box with tin foil and parchment paper, to handle all the overspray. 


I took a wooden spoon and broke the rock candy off the stick and into large pieces while still in plastic package. Then I poured the contents onto a tupperware lid. The spray is very liquid and pools, so I took advantage of that.




The original poster added lustre dust to the rock candy while wet to add a more yellow-golden hue, but I was too lazy to drive back to Michaels.

The first coat was disappointing. Once it dried, then the second coat really stuck and restored my faith in this Pinterest project.


It took two cans to coat three packages of rock candy.

I frosted the cupcakes with my trusty recipe for buttercream frosting:

3 cups powdered sugar
2/3 of a stick of softened butter
1  teaspoon of vanilla extract
3 teaspoons of milk (I don’t actually measure that I just add little bits at a time till I like the consistency)
a pinch of salt



I pushed the gold nuggets into the frosting right after piping onto the tops of the cupcakes, because if you wait too long the frosting gets a nice crust.


Check out my new super-sweet cupcake carrier/display stand. I couldn’t resist – it collapses down to one tier for storage! Also purchased at Michaels – wish I had one of those coupons I always allow to expire.


We will have to think of more edible things to gild, sister!


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