Fresh Fruit Ice Pops

Fresh Fruit Ice Pops

Darling Sister,

I had a lot of fun making these ice pops with you! The fruit from the farmers market was affordable and tasty, and I enjoyed trying all the samples.

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Kale, ginger, watermelon, cucumber, carrots, cantaloupe, apple, blackberries, strawberries, mint and coconut water.

Your juicer worked perfectly at separating out the pulp. My juicer is a hassle to clean out, because you have to take it all apart when it gets full.

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The mint was juiced, stems and all.

The first flavor was melon, cucumber, mint. The tiny cantaloupe from the market was really flavorful, but when paired with cucumber it needed something more. Mint was the missing ingredient.

Next we sealed the plastic into long skinny pouches and filled with a silicone funnel. Remember that we had to leave two inches at the top empty to be able to insert back into the sealing machine to finish.

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Don’t tilt it like I did and spill juice all inside the sealing machine!

The other flavors we tested out were:

carrot, apple, ginger (spicy)
kale, strawberry, ginger (spicy)
strawberry, cucumber, honey
watermelon, ginger (spicy)
blackberry, cantaloupe

A little bit of ginger goes a long way, and can quickly overpower the other flavors. Mix carefully before really going for it. “One” coconut water works great to fill in some flavor, and I find that brand has the most coconut flavor out of all of them.

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The final product!

Freeze and enjoy whenever! I read that frozen juices can last up to 3 months in the freezer before losing their nutrients. I am no scientist, but these taste great no matter what.

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